A 10 foot diameter bronze sphere covered with the prayer "May Peace Prevail on Earth" in many of the worlds languages,

The World Peace Prayer Fountain sculpture is located at the Town Center on the Square in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

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A collection of fountain sculpture, wearable sculpture, portrait sculpture, vessels, objects of contemplation and other work from the Arkansas sculptor Hank Kaminsky.


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Assistant sculptor Matt O'Baugh sculpting the Cambodian prayer "May Peace prevail on Earth" on the World Peace Prayer Fountain sculpture which now appears at the Town Center in Fayetteville, AR.

Current Events at the Kaminsky Studio

Moving days

"The handmade universe" --Building the World Peace Prayer fountain sculpture in the studio

Sculptor Chris Weaver joins the wax department

The Youth Home Eggs



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Earthforms and Water Sculptures
A collection of sculptures which explore the interaction of earthforms, water and ideas . These sculptures use Ozark Mountain land forms and the concept that the ideas we live with are "written" into the land itself.

 Sculpture to Wear
A collection of wearable sculpture with designs "discovered" in the sand of the mold. Rings, earrings, pendants, belt buckles and other forms make up this unusual collection

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Portrait Sculptures
The portrait sculpture is one of the oldest traditions for giving honor both in public and in the home. Kaminsky does portrait sculptures of adults and children for families and corporate and institutional settings

 Public Sculpture
Since 1965 Kaminsky has been responding to the call for public sculptural objects to honor ideas, people, and institutions. These works have ranged from the religious of several faiths, to the boldly abstract, to the literal rendering of portrait sculpture.

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A series of sculptures which speak about the shape of the universe according to the sculptor Kaminsky.

 A Pictorial Biography
Here is a short biography of a man making sculpture for more than 40 years, 30 of them in the Ozark Mountains, away from his New York mainstream roots, experimenting with symbols, concepts and techniques and having a great deal of fun at it.

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