Moving the studio and other recent projects

When the contract for the Peace Prayer sculpture was signed three years after it's inception, the process began of moving the studio from the Art Experience around the corner to "The Village Sculptor". The new studio is 6000 feet and the the Art Experience was around 1500 feet.

It's amazing how many things you can pack into a small studio if you have 17 years. And that's not counting the accumulation of all those years before moving to Fayetteville from Eureka Springs or the few things that came from Brooklyn or the stuff in the garage. It's also amazing how quickly you can fill up the new space no matter how large it is.

A truckload of sculpture going to the new studio

On the way to reinstall two Italian sculpture we had repatinated. David and Matt hanging around with the ladies on thew way up to the Pinacle Point swimming pool they were intended to grace

One of the models for my new sculpture of a razorback hog for the campus of the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.