Public Sculpture

A public sculpture is a symbolic object in service to a community need. The sculptor and the community which commissions the work must collaborate on the generation of the symbols and ideas communicated by the work and it's setting in the community environment.

The works shown on this page were all collaborative efforts of this kind.

Refer to resume for more information on the commissions done by Kaminsky

"The Miracle of the Double Helix" installed as the logoform of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock, AR. Bronze, This 12' high bronze was the result of 2 years of dialog between the sculptor and the institution. Placed in the front of a new building at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, it is a representation of a segment of a DNA molecule. The surface of the sculpture is covered with thousands of words such as the names of colleges, departments and other related medical terms, symbolizing the “code” of the University as DNA carries the code of life.

Eternal Light Sculpture in Kresgeville PA Bronze and stained glass Eternal Light hanging in a Jewish temple in Kresgeville PA

The City of Fayetteville, Arkansas chose to honor one of it's native sons, Senator J. William Fulbright by constructing a monument on the town square. Kaminsky was chosen for the commission and went to see the internationally known founder of the Fulbright scholarship program, in his Washington D.C. office. The sculptors conversations with the senator, the monument committee, and townspeople produced the design for the monument and the park it occupies on the town square.